Sunday, January 24, 2010

moving forward

Someone special to me recently offered her insight into the end of relationships. She said two things about how girls cope.

1. When a guy gets over a girl, he may still come back to her. When a girl gets over a guy (and honestly gets over him), then she’ll never go back.
2. Breakups are a great motivator. Taking those lonely moments as a chance to know yourself better and move forward with your goals, makes abandoning old worlds easier.

We’ve all been the one on the other end of the connection, coaching someone dear through their fragile moments and the inevitable desperation that comes with the strangling sense of loss. We can believe in them, and their undeniable strength, but struggle to convince them that things will get better. All too often, people sacrifice their independence on the altar of commitment. It’s not wrong to depend on others, but it’s dangerous to forget how to rely on yourself.

It helps to look forward. For more insight see (image via ffffound).