Sunday, October 4, 2009

guilty pleasures

As the October chill sets over the city, I can't help but relish the task of riffling through my winter storage to resurrect the plaid scarves and woolly mittens of seasons past. As a yarn harlot, I have enough knitwear to clothe all the elves in Santa's workshop, and my collection just keeps growing. And as the leaves turn orange, I'm more than happy to curl up in my moccasins, with a hot mug of apple cider and a VHS (tonight's is The Witches), and knit and purl my way through the next fuzzy project.

Soon to be a lacey hat with a scalloped hem. Pattern courtesy of Bronwyn Lowenthal at


  1. I still haven’t knitted those socks yet!!!
    I love your knit work… I would die for your purple socks from last winter.